Wine & Dine_Far Eastern Plaza Hotel Tainan

Far Eastern Plaza Hotel Tainan台南遠東飯店

Far Eastern Plaza Hotel Tainan presents Christmas dining options at its Shanghai Pavilion, Cafe at Far Eastern and Mezzanine Bar. From Chinese style cuisine to exotic delicacies from around the world, the hotel aims to offer guests excellent holiday ambience by presenting exquisite dining.

Located high above the city with panoramic views of Tainan, Shanghai Pavilion presents authentic Huaiyang dishes including Beijing Roasted Duck, Braised Dong Po Pork, and Soft-shell Crab with Garlic Sauce.

On the 2nd floor, Cafe at Far Eastern provides Tainan’s most extensive buffet menu. Japanese style seafood, Indian cuisine, fresh-baked pizza, and gingerbread house for dessert.

With live piano bar entertainment nightly, the Mezzanine Bar serves fine cocktails, refreshing drinks and finger foods. For Christmas, guests have more variety to choose from. Chefs at the bar present grilled fillet steak and prawn with green pepper sauce, or pan-fried pork chop with cheese sauce as options for the main course. Appetizers include smoked salmon, chicken and duck combo plate, salad with smoked chicken, crab and broccoli, or seafood.

Dining in the above-mentioned venues during Christmas is priced at NT$1080. Lucky draw is open to every guest who gets the opportunity to spend a night in the hotel for free.

All the prices are subject to a 10% service charge. Please call Tel: 06-702-8856 for reservations, or log on to learn more.



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