Wine & Dine_Sunworld Dynasty Hotel Taipei

 Sunworld Dynasty Hotel Taipei presents special dinner for Christmas Eve and invite fortune tellers to come to serve our guests. On Christmas Eve, all guests can enjoy the exclusive Christmas Eve Dinner Buffet at Le Parc Cafe with free tarot and numerology fortune telling which provide you excellent ideas for future.

Christmas Eve Dinner Buffet

On Christmas Eve, Sunworld Dynasty Le Parc Cafe presents different dishes. Our chef creates a new dish, Stewed Squid in Cocktail Sauce, to fit in with the holiday atmosphere.  In addition, the most famous Western hot dishes are Beef Tenderloin with Duck Liver and Truffle Sauce, Saut?ed Prawns with Soybean on Asparagus with Garlic Butter Sauce, and Beak Scallops with Butter Garlic Sauce. We also offer Asia hot dishes like Steam Plain Red Crab, Grouper Fish with Brown Sauce, and Stir Fried Pork Kidney and Chicken Kidney with Sesame Oil. Moreover, we offered sashimi, seafood bar, sushi, Carving (Turkey and Beef), spaghetti, variety of soup, dessert, fruits and salad.

Furthermore, during Christmas Eve dinner time, Sunworld Dynasty invites three famous fortune tellers and guests can have their fortune telling for free. One of them can even divine your fortune only with your voice.

Christmas Eve Dinner Buffet will be starting from 06:00 pm to 09:00 pm. Adult is NT$1,000 + 10 % service charge, Children (90-120 cm) is NT$500 + 10% service charge and in-house guests can have a 10% discount on Christmas Eve Dinner Buffet.

For Reservations: (02)2719-7199   ext.3310 Le Parc Cafe

Traditional Christmas Dessert

In hotel lobby, we have set up a elaborate gingerbread house with fabulous decorations. There is a fable in England that when an unmarried woman eats the gingerbread, she can meet her “Mr. Right”, and it became widespread by everyone and thus making it a traditional Christmas dessert. The price for the large size gingerbread house is NT$ 800, Medium size is NT$500 and Small size is NT$300.Also you can buy some Christmas Cakes and Bread for Christmas Dessert.

For more information, please dial: (02)2719-7199   ext.3310 Le Parc Cafe

Warmly Christmas gift is “Le Parc Caf?” Hamper
The greatest Christmas gift is Hamper with Roasted Turkey inside. We presents “Le Parc Caf?” Hamper  which including Roasted Turkey (6kg)with Burberry Sauce and Mushroom Sauce, Potato Bread, and Caesar Salad inside. You can buy a bottle of Red Wine (750ml) with Hamper only add NT$550;buy an Apple Pie (8 inch) with Hamper only add NT$250;buy a Gingerbread House (small) with Hamper only add NT$300.

* “Le Parc Caf?” Hamper’’ have to be ordered three days ago

For Reservations: (02)2719-7199   ext.3310 Le Parc Cafe



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