Christmas: A time for peace and togetherness

Christmas: A time for peace and togetherness

The messages behind Christmas are of peace and goodwill, and are really timeless even though we are in a world that is constantly changing, says British Trade and Cultural Office Director David Campbell.

“Obviously we are in a changing world. I see many wars being fought around the world, but I think the message of peace and goodwill is really timeless,” adds Campbell.

One famous example from the past of the peace and goodwill message is the “Christmas truce," a term to describe several brief unofficial cessations of hostilities that occurred on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day between German and British troops stationed along the Western Front in World War I, he notes. “People from both sides would visit across the ‘No Man’s Land’, and small gifts were exchanged and there were even football matches,” says the British representative.

Another thing that will not change over time during Christmas is seeing the excitement on children’s faces, Campbell adds. “If you look out the window in the UK during Christmas, you’ll see children riding on their new bicycles and the excitement on their faces. Those are pleasures that are timeless.”

Even though the world is still suffering from an economic downturn and there is a great deal of pressure during holidays for people to buy gifts, the UK representative says that he believes that what people remember about Christmas is not the presents they were given, but rather the time they enjoyed with their family.

“To me it is the simpler things like a nice walk with the family and friends, or a party or games we played. These are the things that you don’t need very much money to achieve.”

Christmas is one of the most important holidays in the UK. It is an important time for family reunions, just as the Lunar New Year in Taiwan and Thanksgiving in the US are, says Campbell.

In the UK, people will usually find a certain amount of time away from work, and they will gather the family together or travel a distance to meet their family away from their place of work.

This will be the first Christmas for the BTCO Director during his tenure in Taipei. Campbell says that he will be flying back to the UK in mid-December and staying until the New Year with his family.

“I will be spending time with my friends and family and staying outside of London, and we will arrange some theater trips, since London is the center of theater in the world.”

He goes on to explain that he will probably see the new play by Alan Bennett, a household name in the British theater world, at the National Theater, or go to the Pantomime.



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