Generous hearts come to the aid of their countrymen

Showing compassion or helping others deeply touches the hearts of both receiver and giver. This was the experience of those who gave and received aid from around the world for the people who suffered from the damage caused by deadly Typhoon Morakot this August. Following are some stories from the past months.
Greater Fort Lauderdale Sister Cities International (GFLSCI), an association in Florida, USA that entered into a sister-city relationship with Kaohsiung County in 2008, donated US$2,900 to Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Miami in early October. The donation came from a fund-raising activity held by GFLSCI to help re-build what the flood had destroyed.
A group of young Taiwanese Americans in Seattle, members of Taiwan American Professionals Society (TAPS), threw a fundraising banquet in late August and collected US$5,000 in just two hours. TAPS head Tina Wang said they all sympathized with people in Taiwan who were affected by the fury of the typhoon. A second generation Taiwanese American, Wang said that TAPS wanted to draw people’s attention to make a contribution in their own capacities to help lighten the affliction of the Morakot victims.
Also in Seattle, the Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce co-organized in late August a fund-raising event with a temple and a charity foundation and collected US$106,642. They sold jewelry, paintings, and plane tickets, and more than 200 participants joined the event.
A band of ten rockers in Houston, Texas, called VIP Studio, held a charity concert in early September in the city’s Dun Huang Plaza and raised US$365 with their hearty performance.
In the southern hemisphere, members of Taiwanese Hwa Hsia Society of New Zealand held a relief benefit in late August to raise funds. Dozens of booths selling food or clothes drew more than 400 participants and collected a total of NZ$20,000 (around US$14,000). The donation was transferred to Taipei Economic & Cultural Office in Auckland.



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