Overseas compatriots contribute to Morakot relief work

Overseas compatriots have shown great compassion for fellow citizens who suffered in the floods triggered by typhoon Morakot, which pummeled Taiwan in early August. A total of NT$540 million has been raised to aid Morakot victims, according to the Overseas Compatriots Affairs Commission (OCAC).

Ever since the OCAC openly appealed to all overseas com-patriots to donate for flood relief in the wake of typhoon Morakot, in only a month and a half the relief fund has soared to NT$540 million as of September 23. The rich fruit yielded in such a short period of time shows the depth of overseas compatriots’ sympathy toward their fellow nationals in Taiwan.

During the fundraising activities, there were many touching stories.

Two ladies representing the Brazil Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation collected NT$22 million and came to Taiwan to deliver the money personally to flood survivors. An overseas Beijing association in New York also contributed US$6,000 to the charity program. The Filipino-Chinese Cultural & Economic Association donated a total of NT$23.1 million. There were also many individual offerings, and Hong Kong businessman Yu Pang-lin alone donated NT$20 million.

Overseas compatriots in San Francisco raised NT$2.65 million. This sum of money was donated to Taiwanroot Medical Peace Corps (TRMPC) to assist in reconstruction work.

TRMPC motivated nearly 80 doctors to perform gratuitous treatment in disastrous areas stroke by Typhoon Morakot. Established in 1995, TRMPC members have been offering medical service in Taiwan’s mountainous areas and overseas medical service annually.

According to the Taipei Mission in Korea, overseas compatriots in Seoul, Pusan and Incheon in Korea donated more than 170 million KRW (NT$4.7 million). They hoped the funds would be used to help flood survivors rebuild their homes.

Meanwhile a Taiwanese com-munity in Netherlands held a charity bazaar on September 26, selling handmade food products, books and second-hand appliances to raise funds for typhoon victims. All proceeds, totaling EU$6,666 (NT$319,950), would go to Morakot survivors.
Besides the cash donations, some compatriots even wanted to make their professional knowledge available to help fellow citizens residing in disaster-hit areas. The National Cheng Kung University North America Alumni Association’s (NCKUNAAA) graduates in water conservancy-related departments expressed their willingness to assist the Taiwan government in developing flood prevention programs.
In such difficult times, the glory of humanism shines brightly in out overseas compatriots, and their benevolent actions have deeply moved the hearts of the people of Taiwan.




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